Edict of Honor’s Audiobook is now out!

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Heya, I’m back from vacation and already back to work. I’m hitting some pretty great word counts and feel like I’m a nice roll. Should have some cool stuff to show in the coming months in relation to my current projects! For today, though, all I have is a big-small announcement: Edict of Honor’s Audiobook has released exclusively on Audible. … Read More

Awakening Artes’s stellar release & my heartfelt gratitude

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Well, it’s been a few weeks since Awakening Arte released, and in that brief span of time, it’s already amassed over a 100 positive reviews. Yes, I know, that number is nothing for many successful authors, but it’s truly mind-blowing for a nobody like me. For context, many books never hit over 10 reviews, and some only creep up there … Read More

Awakening Arte (finally) released!

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Took longer than I would have liked to get here, but there it is: Roun was born clanless, depriving him of a future in an empire where bloodlines and reputation mean everything. His only hope for escaping the life of an outcast lies in being awakened by the Eldest Throne and becoming a guardian of humanity. But when his dream … Read More

Cradle of Sea and Soil has finally released!

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Short little post, though I feel as if being able to say this is both crazy and amazing: my book has finally released! I’d appreciate it if you took a gander! Next will be finishing up the paperback, which will hopefully be ready near the start of July. The audiobook is still pending. I’d like to make one if possible, … Read More

Cradle of Sea and Soil Cover Reveal

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I’m pleased to finally reveal the cover for Cradle of Sea and Soil, due out June 23rd. Coinciding with this, the wonderful folks at Fantasy Book Critic are also doing a cover reveal! Definitely take a peek! I talk a bit about myself and my inspirations for the cover’s design direction and also briefly discuss the novel itself. You can … Read More

Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming and my body is ready

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Although it was “announced” quite a while ago (and even a little bit earlier to the Larian faithful like myself), we only recently got a good look at the game. And damn, what a look it was: Now, that there is just the opening cinematic, but the world reveal also included a peek at gameplay. From turn-based combat to freedom … Read More

The feud between traditional and indie publishing

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading and engaging in a lot of discussions around this subject lately and oh boy is it a spicy one. It doesn’t help that most of the subreddits I’m a member of are divided neatly down the line here, either (though don’t dare ever point it out). Mostly, this has resulted in some crazy … Read More

Game of Thrones crashing helped the fantasy genre

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It’s a great time to be someone who loves fantasy. Today there are better, more diverse fantasy stories out in the wild than ever before, and it’s in large part thanks to the mainstream success of series like A Song of Ice and Fire. Of course, it helped that the television rendition, Game of Thrones, was a phenomenal success too. … Read More