Edict of Honor’s Audiobook is now out!

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Heya, I’m back from vacation and already back to work. I’m hitting some pretty great word counts and feel like I’m a nice roll. Should have some cool stuff to show in the coming months in relation to my current projects! For today, though, all I have is a big-small announcement: Edict of Honor’s Audiobook has released exclusively on Audible. … Read More

Hitting the year running: glossary, cast recaps, and other updates

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Heya everyone! I’ve got a few updates as we close out February! First and foremost, Edict of Honor’s launch went great, and I want to thank you so much for your continued support. Overall, the consensus has been that the second book was even more interesting, and many folk seemed to love the addition of the kindred. Don’t worry, they’ll … Read More

Edict of Honor release, AA paperbacks, & Elden Ring Giveaway!

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A screaming sword. A dangerous renegade. Both stand in the way of the coterie’s first mission. After being sanctioned by Avyleir Library, Roun and his friends find themselves looking forward to their futures as sacred guardians of humanity. Roun knows, however, that their evaluation was only one obstacle along an endless path, and it does not take long before they … Read More