Game of Thrones crashing helped the fantasy genre

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It’s a great time to be someone who loves fantasy. Today there are better, more diverse fantasy stories out in the wild than ever before, and it’s in large part thanks to the mainstream success of series like A Song of Ice and Fire. Of course, it helped that the television rendition, Game of Thrones, was a phenomenal success too. … Read More

Still alive (somehow), oh, and Bravely Default II

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Heya, I just wanted to hop in and do a quick little post so my front page doesn’t look so sad. I’ve been meaning to post at least once or twice a week and that has definitely not happened, but November has been something of a hellish month for me. Excuses, I know, but this blog is still mostly for … Read More

The plight of fantasy healers

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The concept of healers is something I’ve always found interesting in literature, and especially in fantasy. This was true even before I trained as a combat medic and spent five years working in an Emergency Room, and that experience has only deepened my interest. I’ve found that characters who are healers are also often side-characters, are pacifists or otherwise unable … Read More

Whoopsies and the Pitch Wars

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So I decided to submit my recent novel Islandblood to Pitch Wars since the timing was just too perfect. I was already about to start querying anyway and told myself it couldn’t hurt. Still, I didn’t expect to get any requests, as Pitch Wars is like querying but worse. Many of the “mentors” also aren’t people with any real experience … Read More

The Mongrel Writes

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I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted to write for my first blog post. This, after all, marks the moment in which I “officially” describe myself as an author (something more to do with perspective than reality considering how long I’ve been writing). In the end, I decided to write about myself and, in turn, what that … Read More