Dog of the Day: Tilda, Lover of Love

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This week’s dog is Tilda! Look at that adorable face. And yes, she’s really that sweet. Let me tell you right now that this isn’t the case for every dog. Yes, I firmly believe there aren’t any truly bad dogs, just dogs with at worst dangerous behavioral issues. Most of them stem from biological problems or trauma/bad training. Then you … Read More

No, your first draft isn’t shit

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Something I’ve seen going around in communities such as /r/writing and /r/fantasywriters is a belief that your first draft is supposed to be utterly terrible and irredeemable. Ernest Hemingway literally said the same thing, actually, and it’s a sentiment echoed by a lot of writers, famous or otherwise. It’s an interesting way of looking at things because these same people … Read More

Dog of the Day: Odie the Judgmental

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So, I work with dogs. Very good for writing since I just sort of watch them sleep. But they also provide me with a much needed “mental recharge” when things get kind of rough in either my normal or writing life. Actually, studies have proven that people with pets generally live longer and have less stress levels. Even though these … Read More

Where have all the nonhumans gone?

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I grew up on a very different kind of exposure to fantasy than most people. That was partly thanks to Daeluin, the roleplaying forum I joined as a kid, as well as my mixed interest in both eastern and western fantasy. For me, fantasy had always been a richly magical thing, full of impossible civilizations and their impossible creations. Even … Read More

The problem with Pyre

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Video games are a fantastic source of inspiration despite what some might think. In fact, they are probably more so than other mediums besides maybe narrative-heavy comics, which are similar. The reason why is that games allow a kind of breadth in design that you don’t see in film. RPGs of all kinds and Visual Novels are good examples of … Read More

The feud between traditional and indie publishing

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading and engaging in a lot of discussions around this subject lately and oh boy is it a spicy one. It doesn’t help that most of the subreddits I’m a member of are divided neatly down the line here, either (though don’t dare ever point it out). Mostly, this has resulted in some crazy … Read More


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Alright, so I remember Vivziepop from a long, long time ago when she made what was decidedly a furry music video of Kesha’s “Die Young” song for what I believe was a school project. She garnered some attention for her wonderful animation skills, and, apparently, went on to have a fairly successful art-based Youtube channel and also a comic series. … Read More

Ringing in the New Year

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I want to take a moment here at the turn of the decade and look out over the horizon. 2020 means different things for many of us; for some, it’s just another year but for others, it’s a fresh chance for dreams and opportunities. I have personally decided that 2020 was going to “be my year,” and I have several … Read More