Searching for the Path Toward a Better World

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So, I haven’t spoken directly about the recent chain of racial events and outrage—specifically, but not limited to—the death of Floyd. Part of this is because I dislike politics and social posturing and my hobbies are where I go to escape from the dreary state of the world, not re-submerge myself into it. It’s within fantasy, whether a novel, video … Read More

Onward to June 2020

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June is here, and, you know, I decided it’d be cool to start writing little monthly catch-alls for the positive things of interest to me that are going down. Looking forward to the good stuff was what kept me sane during my time in the military, even if it was something stupid and small like lunch or dinner, and with … Read More

Cradle of Sea and Soil Cover Reveal

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I’m pleased to finally reveal the cover for Cradle of Sea and Soil, due out June 23rd. Coinciding with this, the wonderful folks at Fantasy Book Critic are also doing a cover reveal! Definitely take a peek! I talk a bit about myself and my inspirations for the cover’s design direction and also briefly discuss the novel itself. You can … Read More

Finishing with a flourish

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Phew. I’m proud to finally say that Cradle of Sea and Soil is finally on its final sprint to completion. Getting there hasn’t been the easiest journey, but I immensely enjoyed writing the book and find myself very satisfied with the results. It’s not over yet though; the novel is currently with my editor, so it still has to go … Read More

My quarantine has been peaceful and I’ll take it

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Heya! Another super late update from me. I’m doing fine, still alive, financially secure, and in good health. Been mostly doing drafts on Cradle of Sea and Soil and getting through my Steam backlog during breaks. I’ve mostly kept my head down and focused on getting my novel out, which has worked out pretty well. I’m very proud of Cradle … Read More

This is fine.

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Well, it’s been a while since I last posted. There’s somewhat of a good reason for that; the world seems to be burning. Okay, maybe not literally, but it sure feels like it. COVID-19 is affecting the world in many, many ways, and here in the United States, it’s no different. Oregon has invoked shutdown policies all across the state, … Read More

Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming and my body is ready

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Although it was “announced” quite a while ago (and even a little bit earlier to the Larian faithful like myself), we only recently got a good look at the game. And damn, what a look it was: Now, that there is just the opening cinematic, but the world reveal also included a peek at gameplay. From turn-based combat to freedom … Read More