Cradle of Sea & Soil Paperback Now Available

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So yeah, title. As you can see, the book (which you can purchase here) is a little chunky but still looks beautiful in person thanks to that gorgeous artwork and the fantastic design job Shawn King did! I also want to give special thanks to my assistant, Akela, for agreeing to model and show just how snuggle-licious the book is! … Read More

Still Alive, Onward to August 2020

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Okay, yeah, I know. It’s far from the start of the month. I’m behind—on a lot of things. Oh lordy, so much. July has been… a rough month for me. Things are better now though, I promise, and will—knocks on wood—hopefully continue trending that way. So what was I doing for most of July? Sulking, mostly. I went to a … Read More

Islandborn Book 2 – Stormbringers

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Okay, sorry for the lack of updates. Been a busy month on all fronts. Work, personal ventures, keeping pace with my writing schedule, and squeezing in time for myself has been kind of a juggling act, but I’m managing. World’s also slowly growing crazier, but I’ve mostly stayed sane and safe, so I’m grateful for that too. Anyway, the paperback … Read More

Onward to July 2020

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Hello, everyone! Another month, another peek at the days ahead. So, without further ado, let’s hit this July’s Onward: Phew, what a month June was! I’m incredibly pleased with how the release of Cradle of Sea and Soil went down. Reviews are trickling in and I have at least one from a blogger in the works; hopefully others will pick … Read More

Cradle of Sea and Soil has finally released!

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Short little post, though I feel as if being able to say this is both crazy and amazing: my book has finally released! I’d appreciate it if you took a gander! Next will be finishing up the paperback, which will hopefully be ready near the start of July. The audiobook is still pending. I’d like to make one if possible, … Read More

OMG okay it’s happening! (+Giveaway)

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Well. This is it, isn’t it? The final weekend before release, and the day itself is just around the corner. June 23rd. Who decided it should be so soon? Oh, that’s right. I did. Well, minor mental breakdowns aside, I’m actually excited to share my novel with the rest of the world. Yes, the thought still frightens the shit out … Read More

Searching for the Path Toward a Better World

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So, I haven’t spoken directly about the recent chain of racial events and outrage—specifically, but not limited to—the death of Floyd. Part of this is because I dislike politics and social posturing and my hobbies are where I go to escape from the dreary state of the world, not re-submerge myself into it. It’s within fantasy, whether a novel, video … Read More

Onward to June 2020

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June is here, and, you know, I decided it’d be cool to start writing little monthly catch-alls for the positive things of interest to me that are going down. Looking forward to the good stuff was what kept me sane during my time in the military, even if it was something stupid and small like lunch or dinner, and with … Read More