Dog of the Day: Tilda, Lover of Love

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This week’s dog is Tilda! Look at that adorable face. And yes, she’s really that sweet. Let me tell you right now that this isn’t the case for every dog. Yes, I firmly believe there aren’t any truly bad dogs, just dogs with at worst dangerous behavioral issues. Most of them stem from biological problems or trauma/bad training. Then you … Read More

Dog of the Day: Odie the Judgmental

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So, I work with dogs. Very good for writing since I just sort of watch them sleep. But they also provide me with a much needed “mental recharge” when things get kind of rough in either my normal or writing life. Actually, studies have proven that people with pets generally live longer and have less stress levels. Even though these … Read More

Ringing in the New Year

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I want to take a moment here at the turn of the decade and look out over the horizon. 2020 means different things for many of us; for some, it’s just another year but for others, it’s a fresh chance for dreams and opportunities. I have personally decided that 2020 was going to “be my year,” and I have several … Read More