About Bernie J. Anés Paz


Heya, visitor! I’m a Puerto Rican fantasy author with a passion for creating unique and exciting worlds. You can usually find me devouring fantasy books and story-rich video games, visual/graphic novels, and anime whenever I’m not wordsmithing.

I’m also a former U.S. Army medic and spent most of my service time working in an ER, which was an amazing and humbling experience. Before that, I worked for Dell, which helped spark my love for customizing tech and computer-building.

I’ve been writing most of my life (it’s like a prerequisite to say that, I know), but I only started taking it seriously after spending my childhood on a terrible little roleplaying forum made by a 14-year-old girl. It was called Daeluin.

My then 11-year-old self soon found himself entranced by a world made from the combined plots of hundreds of other people.

Over the years, my character served as a knight for the god of life—who was ironically named Knives—fought in several wars, was stalked by a vampire god insistent on making my character’s life miserable, and even fell in love. Short-lived love; my character’s beloved was a water nymph who was subsequently seduced and killed by the previously mentioned vampire god (the two ladies worked that plot out themselves, but yeaaah).

I then went on with my closest real-life friend to become the guardian of water (and him the guardian of fire), and then eventually helped lead a two-front war. On one side, we fought against an invading species that could only be harmed by specific artifacts. On the other, we fought our own gods who, upon noticing those same weapons could owie them too, wanted no one but their own loyal champions to wield them.

The war ended when the unasked-for, grumpy centaur caretaker of my shrine stole one of the artifacts from me and took off, then saved us from annihilation through a brilliant secret plot I couldn’t help but support.

At that point, I was like—wow, that was fun. People do this for a living?

Those days, combined with my feverish love of fantasy novels and video games, were what gifted me my dream—and that’s how, many years later, I ended up here!