Release Updates: The Final Stretch

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Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well! I know, I know. Trust me when I say this isn’t fun for me either. This time, however, I bring (mostly) good news. I originally held off from saying anything because I was hoping to announce an exact release (next week, actually), but near the end I made the tough decision to give myself a bit more time to ensure my upcoming releases were as polished as I could humanely make them before passing them on to my editor. You won’t have to wait too much longer, though; I’m targeting the middle of April and should have a more exact date for you soon. This will actually be for Eldest Throne 3 despite what I’ve said before. My other novel will need to wait a little longer for the same reason, and following that, I’ll begin work immediately on Eldest Throne 4. While I would like to release it this year and don’t expect a delay as long as the last one, I think it’s best if I just refrain from giving too specific of a timeline after jinxing myself so many damn times now…

Part of the reason it’s taken so long is that the third book is easily the largest book in the series by almost 40k words. I think you’ll really enjoy what’s in it though, and personally don’t feel any of it is filler. There’s a lot of advancement going on as well as it’s primarily a ‘training arc,’ though the nature of that training should also expand the setting heavily and will also have clear payouts in-book, so no waiting this time.

In order to better give those plotlines space to breathe, however, I’ve had to push a few to the fourth book, as they were too important for me to not give significant attention to. After all, a long missing individual may or may not play a major role in book 4, which will now take the name of The Endless Shore. The third Eldest Throne book has instead been finalized as Maidensong. You won’t have to wait too long now to understand why.

That’s pretty much all I have for now. I’ll put up another brief update towards the end of the month, but I’m feeling pretty confident about being able to deliver in April. Because this book has helped plan out the next arc (similarly to how the first two books were planned out), you also shouldn’t have to wait anywhere near as long for the fourth book, hopefully.

Right now, I’ve been burning the midnight oil and have been making excellent progress on my drafts, so the end really is in sight. I appreciate your patience and apologize for the delays. Some of it was out of my hands, but I also probably let a lot of that time slip through my fingers because of some personal issues I could have handled better. Anyway, I know waiting can be frustrating, but please keep in mind that most indie creators like myself are singular people trying to stay afloat in this wild whirlpool of a storm called life, just like you. When stuff hits hard, it usually hits us harder, since there isn’t a team to absorb the blow and close in on the gaps.

I genuinely, deeply appreciate your interest in my novels, and promise I’m not taking that for granted. Thank you so very much and have a great day!

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  1. I’m not sure if you got my message that I sent through the contact page yesterday. Anyway, do you have any updates on Islandborn book 2, or will that be on the back burner for a few years? Sorry to keep asking about this, but book one was one of the best series openers I’ve read in the last couple of years, so I’m really hoping you finish the series. Thank you.

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