Hitting the year running: glossary, cast recaps, and other updates

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Heya everyone! I’ve got a few updates as we close out February! First and foremost, Edict of Honor’s launch went great, and I want to thank you so much for your continued support. Overall, the consensus has been that the second book was even more interesting, and many folk seemed to love the addition of the kindred. Don’t worry, they’ll definitely continue to show up throughout the series, and in fact there’s a very special one that plays a major role in book 3, which is tentatively named The Lowest Paradise, that I think you will all really enjoy. And, as I mentioned in the author’s notes, the second book more or less completes the foundational groundwork for the series from which I hope to build upon. You’ll now start to see more of the empire, learn more about Sothis, the night, and lyraliths, and eventually that will all expand to the Incursions, Hearth and the Imperial Cantons, and stuff like the Named. Lots of cool things to come!

As for the timing of the next release, though my schedule is a bit off, I’m still hoping to release 2-3 books this year, with 2 being something I think I can hit pretty comfortably. With the way things are going, though, they might end up releasing close to each other sometime near the middle or third quarter of the year. It’s just how things like cover artwork and editing openings are timing out.

On brighter news, Edict of Honor’s audiobook will release on March 15th. Mark your calendars! Likewise, I just submitted several typos/clarity fixes, many of which were found by ASIC_SP over on Reddit. ASIC_SP also suggested I add some quality of life additions to the books, and I liked the idea so much that I went ahead and did so!

This mostly includes a glossary, which details a lot of the unique terms and concepts used throughout the series. There are per-book spoilers there (so concepts/terms/updated definitions generated by that specific book won’t be found in prior books), but also extra tidbits of world-building and lore that just never made it into the book itself. If you’re ever interested in a clearer definition of something like Centurions or simply need a refresher about something, it’ll be available for you to view from now on.

Likewise, I will also add brief character descriptions along with light details about each Grimoire, kindred, or Named chimera that shows up, and will also include a formal description of the power ranks and how they’re tiered in a more meta format. Lastly, I want to add book recaps at the start of each book to kind of catch readers up to speed, which would not only free me from having to awkwardly weave recaps into the opening of a book, but also let the recaps be available cleanly and simply for those who need it, yet skippable for those who don’t.

This last bit (book recaps) will take a bit longer, but I already added the glossary and cast list along with the typo fixes. It takes Amazon a while to update things and then download the updates so those who already have the updated books, so I’m not sure when it’ll be visible to you, but sometime next week seems like a good bet. This update includes Awakening Arte, which also got some other touch ups, though the changes here are mostly cosmetic and thus minor. Stuff like modifying the scene break graphic to the one used in Edict of Honor, adding a shortened glossary/cast list, and so on. Same thing applies to seeing changes; make take a little bit.

With that out of the way, I suspect things to be mostly quiet over the next few months. I have artists working on some covers and I’m mostly just typing away right now, but won’t have much to show for a while yet. In fact, I’ll actually be on a much needed vacation (right as the world goes insane…) over the next five days, but when I get back, my priority is to put down some serious word count. I have some exciting stuff planned with Eldest Throne 3 and another project I’m dying to announce that I think will be very cool.

Oh, and on another note, I’m also currently reading a Pokemon-inspired book set in a wonderful island setting, which is definitely something I jibe with pretty hard. It’s actually pretty darn great and, in my opinion, will scratch the Pokemon itch I’ve seen some people having. It releases near the end of March, so keep an eye out for it on the progression fantasy Reddit sub as I believe the author intends to announce it there.

Going to be a glorious year all around for books and fantasy in general, so it feels good to hit the start of the year running, even if already we’re striving towards a gloomy era globally… well, what can you do, I guess? From pandemic to war… ah well, reading fantasy has always been escapism for me, and now writing is too, so I don’t see any reason to stop using them that way.

Stay safe everyone.

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  1. Any updates on Islandborn book 2? Also, when it does release, will it have a print version or just an ebook? It’s cool that the other series is doing well, but Cradle of Sea and Soil was one of the best books I read last year. Hopefully it becomes more popular.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on vacation! I plan on releasing Stormbringers this year if all goes well, though I don’t have any specific updates as of now. I really appreciate that you enjoyed the series and I definitely haven’t forgotten it. The touchup of Cradle of Sea and Soil is almost done and I hope to have Stormbringers ready soon alongside another project, though I don’t expect either one to be available until mid year or new the end of the year. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with it, though, as it’s shaping up to be great!

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