Awakening Arte Audiobook Release + Updates!

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Good news for all of you audiobook lovers out there: Awakening Arte’s audiobook is now available on Audible! Edict of Honor, book 2 in the series, is also currently scheduled for release in mid-March, so you won’t have to wait too long for it either!

I’m currently working on book 3 now, which I’ve tentatively named The Lowest Paradise. Unfortunately, I don’t expect to release this one until sometime in the middle of the year or later. Part of that is due to it not being as far along as Edict of Honor already was when I released the first book, but also because I’m expecting to move in a few months and will also be taking a mental break at the end of February to spend time with my brothers and enjoy Elden Ring.

I also have a standalone progression fantasy novel in the works that I hope to release sometime this year, but there’s not much to say about it yet; as I mentioned before, I usually bounce between two projects, as it helps me deal with writer’s block. Whenever I find myself frustrated, I jump on the other project, giving me a break from the first, which allows me to come back later with a fresh outlook. Originally, I planned to release Stormbringers early this year, and I’m hoping to still see that happen, but I’ll probably have more news about that in February.

Unfortunately, Cradle of Sea and Soil hasn’t been much of an earner, though it’s still a passion project I very much want to complete (and I want to clean up the first book as well with a light rewrite). Still, The Eldest Throne is what’s funding my book production costs right now, as well as helping with the bills, so it’s placed me in a bit of an awkward position. However, a lot of readers look carefully at whether an indie author has any completed series, as too many authors sadly never finish theirs, so leaving Islandborn unfinished is actively hurting me as an author who only has a few releases at the moment. We’ll see what the year brings, I guess…

As always, thank you for your continued support!

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