Edict of Honor release, AA paperbacks, & Elden Ring Giveaway!

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A screaming sword. A dangerous renegade. Both stand in the way of the coterie’s first mission.

After being sanctioned by Avyleir Library, Roun and his friends find themselves looking forward to their futures as sacred guardians of humanity. Roun knows, however, that their evaluation was only one obstacle along an endless path, and it does not take long before they receive their next challenge: the coterie’s first Copper rank mission.

The job seems simple on the surface, and tasks them with protecting a village from the threat of a roaming brigand clan. Yet upon their arrival, they discover the inhabitants are anything but what they expected—and are soon drawn into a conflict against something far more sinister than mere outcasts.

To make matters worse, an apostate feared across the empire may lie at the heart of the brewing storm, a man whose legend is as great as that of the profane artifact he seeks.

Caught between timeworn vows and their equally ancient bearers, Roun’s coterie will need to battle against impossible odds to complete their mission—and prove they can overcome even the darkest strokes of Fate.

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If you still haven’t read Awakening Arte yet (and why not?!), you can pick it up here!

I’m also very pleased to announce that paperbacks are finally available if that’s your jam! Also, the audiobook releases January 18, 2022, and is narrated by Michael David Axtell! Book 2’s audiobook is underway as well!

Preorder it here!

Releasing right at the edge!

Who released a book on the last day of the year during the lull period between two major holidays? Haha, this guy! First of all, thank you for the wonderful reception of the first book. For those of you who aren’t aware, The Eldest Throne is a team-based progression fantasy that merges western and eastern cultures, sometimes deliberately (as in they’re separate but stacked) while at other times it’s a little more blended together. This is because the entire world is technically a single undivided empire with a recent joint origin at the world’s heart, thus all cultures are somewhat still mixed. The empire belongs to Sothis, the Eternal Empress, and it’s her seat of power, the Eldest Throne, that not only provides light and warmth to all living things, but that also offers the fuel her would-be champions use for their spiritual abilities and superhuman bodies.

This is a world where the night is also a tangible force that forms the empire’s literal borders, and where sacred heroes fight against monstrous creatures known as chimeras. Each slice of the empire is more or a less a nation, however, and a unique Imperial Library, which is like a sect/military academy/school, rules each individual domain. Our MC serves one of these libraries.

The series is pretty heavily inspired by Naruto’s world-building, though there are also a ton of other influences in there, and some stuff like a few names are nods to JRPGs, mythology, or bits of fantasy popular culture.This book in particular really hits hard on the whole team-based aspect, and I’m mighty proud of it. I know it’s bad taste to toot your whistle, but I’m going to toot mine so hard I’ll probably get arrested. Not only do we have what I hope is an entertaining master-pupil antagonist pair, but they’re also working with an insane patriarch of an equally insane brigand clan. Opposing them are Roun and friends, but there are a lot of other great goodies in here too, such as the unveiling of one of their major progression components (teased in book 1), a profane artifact, some really intense battle scenes, and a cast of supporting characters I think you’ll really enjoy!

Of course, there’s a ton of general progression too, and several characters, including Roun, make some significant advances along their paths. Overall, the book is about ~30k words longer than the first, and I feel the extra size allowed me to really hit on a lot of things a bit more deeply.

One of those being, of course, the other members of Roun’s coterie. This was a common request from the first book, where I admit I should have probably spent a little time fleshing them out. It was intentional, believe it or not, as I wanted the first book to focus on Roun and the world so I would be free to then use the first book as a platform for the team-building throughout the rest of the series.

You can read more about that in the afterword I’ve included in the book if you’re interested!

Anyway, I’d love it if you gave Edict of Honor a try, or the series if you haven’t yet read the first book! It’s very well reviewed so far, so at least most readers have found it worthwhile!


Elden Ring Giveaway

And, as we’re sliding into the new year, I decided to be a bit festive and offer you guys a little something as we transfer over into 2022! So what’s an Elden Ring? Well, it’s a dark fantasy open world RPG releasing February 25, 2022. This here trailer won’t explain anything, but it’s also all you really need to know:

But why Elden Ring?

Well, the real reason is because I’m super stoked for this game and just want more people to experience it, but, honestly, there aren’t many games that capture that slow crawl from zero to hero as well as the soulsborne games. This is a series famous for getting players killed in the tutorial area and having tutorial bosses that curb stomp you just to prove a point, though they’ve shifted away from that recently. Now they just beckon you over towards certain death so they can blame it on you instead.

I wouldn’t recommend entering the contest if you get easily frustrated, though… it’s definitely for folk who idealize MCs that find victory through sheer motivation and by refusing to ever give up.

If you want a PC Steam copy, you’ll be getting a Humble Gift Link. I would highly suggest making a Humble Bundle account if you don’t already have one.For everyone else, I can offer a physical console version of the base game, but obviously you won’t get it until it releases in a couple of months. I’ll be sending it to you via Amazon, so US and Canadian entrants only if you want a console version. Sorry!

You’ll also, of course, have to give me your address, so be okay with doing that. You don’t need to jump through any hoops to enter; everyone is welcome. Yes, even if you haven’t read my books and don’t plan to.

I’ll still give you the game while doing my best to hold back the tears.

However, you will be added to my newsletter! You can, of course, unsubscribe whenever you want, but I usually send one brief email a month, so don’t worry about spam.

Anyway, you can enter here.

Thanks again, everyone!

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