Some quick updates and paperback stuff

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Sorry for the late post! I’ve been really busy putting the finishing touches on Edict of Honor and getting it ready for its final editing pass. So far, things are looking good and everything’s still on track for a mid-December release. I’ll have more details in the coming weeks!

Unfortunately, the paperbacks took a bit longer than I wanted, but they’re basically done and I’m just waiting for proof samples, which have been super slow to get to me due to the holiday madness, so, despite ordering them like two weeks ago, I’m not getting them in until sometime today. Once I approve them, the physical version of Awakening Arte should be up shortly after; I’ll make another post and send out a newsletter about it with some pics.

For those curious about why it took longer, the new process I had hoped would make things easier still had some kinks (was told it’d be fixed by the end of the year but eh), so I had to fall back to my more tedious way of preparing books for print, which when combined with my Edict of Honor edits, the holidays, and also making the paperback cover, left me busy busy.

Anyway, hope you all had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate it! I had to work, but I did still stuff my face full of food while there!

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