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Heya! Hope everything’s going well! I wanted to squeeze out an update before the month ended (because doing things at the last moment is what cool people do, obviously). The Eldest Throne 2 is coming together nicely and things are pretty much going as scheduled on my end. Unfortunately, the one snag (there’s always a snag) this time is that my editor is booked out longer than I had expected, so that “late November/Early December” release window I had in mind has is now targeting mid/late December. I’ll have more details then; sorry for the extra wait.

The good news is that Edict of Honor will be finished, self-edited, and just sitting around waiting by then, so I don’t foresee any further delays and I’m pretty confident I can still free the book into the wild before the 2022 deadline. There are also some perks to this, as Will Wight’s next Cradle release is right around the corner and that’s the kind of launch that hits like a mega-meteor, so it’s probably better to avoid the month, anyway. I’ll be taking a break to read it myself, so it’s win-win for me.

I might send a few ARC versions out for folk to take a gander at, though; I’ll chew on it as we ease into November. Speaking of November, I’ll be launching the physical versions (both softcover and hardcover) of Awakening Arte in a couple of weeks. Should be my next update, and they’re kind of snazzy, so look forward to them. Slightly prettier formatting should come along with them, which should also make its way to the digital version as well. The goal is to have my future books launch with physical versions now whenever possible, or have them closer behind the digital launch!

The momentum doesn’t stop there, as the audiobook for Awakening Arte so far is being targeted for release in January. Podium hasn’t given me a specific date yet, but I’ll pass it along as soon as I know. The talented and wonderful Michael David Axtell is doing the narration, and I’m really excited to see him bring the Blue Moon Tower’s residents to life.

Lastly, an update on my Islandborn series. For those of you who reached out to me about the series, know that I really appreciate it. Once I finish things up on Edict of Honor, I plan to turn my attention to Cradle of Sea and Soil; I learned a lot from writing it, and my process has since vastly improved, so I think it deserves another pass to really help it shine as a reading experience. It’ll also serve as a great refresher when I get back to the second book in the series (Stormbringers), which believe it or not is actually a good way finished. Islandborn 3 is a bit ambitious, however (you’ll definitely know why at the end of book 2), so it might take me some time to get it.

Throughout this, I’ll be outlining and starting work on The Eldest Throne 3, which I hope to release soon after Stormbringers. My goal at the moment is to release around three books a year, so we’ll see how that goes.

Despite some early pains, 2021 ended up being a great opportunity to get back on my feet, and I really want to hit 2022 at a sprint. As always, thank you so much for your continued support. The fact that people read my stuff, let alone enjoy them, still blows my mind and I doubt it’ll ever stop shocking me. Here’s hoping for another year full of stories.

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