Awakening Artes’s stellar release & my heartfelt gratitude

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Well, it’s been a few weeks since Awakening Arte released, and in that brief span of time, it’s already amassed over a 100 positive reviews. Yes, I know, that number is nothing for many successful authors, but it’s truly mind-blowing for a nobody like me. For context, many books never hit over 10 reviews, and some only creep up there a few reviews at a time over ridiculous periods, such as years. A lot of useful visibility sites (like big name deal sites) for authors require review miniums around this mark (10 usually, sometimes higher) because it weeds out many books. For further context, my first book, which is part of a different series (it’s a tribal mother/son duo book based on Puerto Rico, not something a progression fantasy reader would likely enjoy) hasn’t even reached that many on Amazon, but it does have a few more on Goodreads.

I would also like to point out that I haven’t really pushed Awakening Arte anywhere besides the Progression Fantasy subreddit. Not the normal /r/fantasy sub, not in my newsletter, not to my local channels. That’s because I originally wanted to give the ‘progression experts’ a bite first and see what they thought, and boy did you guys deliver. As is likely the case with every author ever, I was pretty nervous when I released this book; and it didn’t help that writing and publishing, self or otherwise, can feel frustrating sometimes. Mostly because entertainment is hardly an objective craft, and you don’t have to take my word on that as there’s plenty of proof around, like with the story of how many agents passed on Harry Potter before the agent that eventually represented the book gave it a chance simply because his daughter and wife liked it so much.

So I want to give everyone out there that read my book my deepest, most profound thanks. No, seriously. I slapped this in the back of the book too, but you seriously don’t understand how important reviews are for authors, especially indie ones, since the stigma against us is still fairly strong when compared to traditional books.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for not only giving me a chance but also for leaving behind the thumbs up that might encourage others to do the same. Reading many of the reviews, even the more measured, balanced ones, has also left me with a big stupid smile and a fuzzy feeling inside. Some of you just expressed your general thoughts, which I loved reading, while others pointed out some really sound stuff I appreciate. All of it really left me excited to finish up the next book!

That book is Edict of Honor. With the first book basically having laid out the setting, book two is now free to really start hitting the overarching and individual arcs hard. You will get to see apostates and brigand clans, learn a droplet more about the mysterious Nightwall and Authority, and, of course, see the Nightmarians continue to grow. There are also a lot of exciting hints about each character’s future path in store, so I can’t wait for you all to read it. My goal is to release it some time before the end of the year, sooner rather than later hopefully, but I also want to make sure the book retains a high degree of polish, so we’ll see.

As for physical and audiobook versions of Awakening Arte, all I can say is that they’re coming! Probably! Not sure when, but I’m working on it, I promise.

Anyway, enough gushing and feeling awkward. You all have a lovely day.

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  1. Bernie! Did not know you had a blog popping off my man! Your recent release shocked me, I had no idea this book was in the universe and your ranking is in the top 10! I’m so proud of you man. Being able to bring this all together after all the hard things you are dealing with personally, you have to feel like this is a just reward.

    Anyway, happy for you and wanted to give you a shout on your success. I have not grabbed a copy yet but I will, I have a long commute to work since the wife and I bought a house and I still work in the city, with no drivers license!!! I will be reading it in the coming weeks and hit you off with a solid, honest review.

    Much respect king.

    1. Heya, thanks Damien! I didn’t really push it out other than on the subgenre’s reddits, but I’ll be sending out a newsletter at the start of next month with info about the book and its future. I appreciate you picking it up and giving it a fair review! Hope you enjoy it! And yeah, the past year has been rough but I’m trying to align things so I can hit 2022 running. Thankfully, things are going pretty good right no so I hope to have book 2 out with Stormbringers soon, though Islandborn 2 will probably have to wait until I finish cleaning up Cradle a bit. I also want to actually hit SPFBO for once… lol.

      Anyway, thank you so much. It really means a lot to see you reach out to me! You’re always welcome to hit me up on Reddit or whatever too.

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