Awakening Arte (finally) released!

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Took longer than I would have liked to get here, but there it is:

Roun was born clanless, depriving him of a future in an empire where bloodlines and reputation mean everything. His only hope for escaping the life of an outcast lies in being awakened by the Eldest Throne and becoming a guardian of humanity.

But when his dream finally comes true, Roun finds himself stranded on the path to immortality with only a fragment of the spiritual powers he should have received. Roun, however, is used to making do with less—and will let neither rigorous training nor grotesque chimeras stand in the way of his ascension.

To find his own path, he will need to search for the answers hidden within. What he uncovers will forge him into a hero unlike any other—if it doesn’t leave him an abomination first.

You can buy it now on Amazon or read it via Kindle Unlimited. The book features a hybrid magic/military school setting and follows Roun as he explores his magical powers and learns to live as a Grimoire—superhumans gifted with enhanced physical abilities and individually unique magic. While cultivation novels heavily inspired the setting (it features some of the same tropes, like pursuing immortality), they’re blended together with some traditionally western themes to create what I hope is a unique world and story.

Awakening Arte is also my take on progression fantasy, a genre which feels like home to me and that has left me pretty darn excited. Readers of other progression fantasy novels like Cradle, Sufficiently Advanced Magic, Mage Errant, and The Brightest Shadow should find plenty to love here, but I think anyone who is fond of magic schools would have a good time too.

Give it a read if it sounds interesting to you!

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