Happy Holidays & New Year

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Hello everyone! Here’s another quick little update. I’m going to be taking a break throughout most of December, so I’ll be a little less active on Reddit and even less active than I already am on Twitter. My only other post this month will be a long overdue review I’ll put up Tuesday, likely; I’d like to start writing reviews here and there, especially for indie books.

I’m only reviewing books I enjoyed, though, so they’re really more thoughts and recommendations than reviews. It’ll be a bit of fun for me and these are the reviews I’ll be throwing up on Amazon/Goodreads for the authors anyway, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to echo them on my own site!

Other than that, I’ll be taking it easy for a few weeks and focusing on drafting. I should be able to get both my upcoming books into their finalization phases (cover work and editing) in January, and depending on how long that takes hopefully release Stormbringers in February/March, and possibly even Nightmarian with it.

If you’re curious about my holiday plans, I’ll be staying home instead of visiting my family (thanks pandemic), but a game I’ve been looking forward to playing for literally years is also releasing this week, so I’m hoping to dive into a bit of escapism instead until Christmas and then enjoy the holidays with my roommates. I haven’t been reading as much as I normally do, so I’d like to use this break to do some catching up there as well.

That about wraps it up! I hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful holiday and New Year!

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