Self-Published Fantasy Month

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Hey all, September is Self-Published Fantasy Month and I’m taking part! My offering for the event is a guest post that you’ll hopefully enjoy. In it, I discuss a little of why I feel self-publishing is so wonderful and why its future seems so bright.

In addition, I’m giving away a physical copy of Cradle of Sea and Soil; you can find the details on the page when my guest post goes live.

SPFM is also a great opportunity for readers to broaden their indie reading horizons and possibly find great fantasy authors they weren’t aware of. To help with this, the SPFM team even came up with some daily challenges to encourage exploration outside the more common comfort zones:

It’s a bit late to begin reading for some of these challenges (though there’s really no wrong time to pick up something based on the list), but if you’re still looking for some reads this month, Cradle of Sea and Soil happens to tick off a good few of these:

LGBTQIA+ Love, Magical Magic System, Creature Feature, Non-Western Setting, Dynamic Duo, POC by POC, Leading Lady, and Coming-of-Age.

Of course, there are tons of other fantastic books out there that could easily fit the themes as well! Either way, SPFM is a fantastic opportunity to branch out and try some new indie reads. Make sure to follow the event, check out the interviews and guest posts, and hopefully enjoy a great book or three!

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