Cradle of Sea & Soil Paperback Now Available

Bernie Anés PazWritingLeave a Comment

So yeah, title. As you can see, the book (which you can purchase here) is a little chunky but still looks beautiful in person thanks to that gorgeous artwork and the fantastic design job Shawn King did!

I also want to give special thanks to my assistant, Akela, for agreeing to model and show just how snuggle-licious the book is! XD

For those of you taking part in Self-Published Fantasy Month’s reading challenge throughout September, you’ll be happy to know that my book covers quite a few of the boxes, such as leading lady, non-western, PoC by PoC, coming of age, and more!

Of course, it’s still a good read even if you don’t pick it up for the reading challenge, but then I might be just a bit biased. Stay safe and sane, everyone.

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