Onward to July 2020

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Hello, everyone! Another month, another peek at the days ahead. So, without further ado, let’s hit this July’s Onward:


Phew, what a month June was! I’m incredibly pleased with how the release of Cradle of Sea and Soil went down. Reviews are trickling in and I have at least one from a blogger in the works; hopefully others will pick it up someday, but with SPFBO in full swing, it’s probably not going to be soon.

Work on the paperback version is mostly complete too. I have some typos and errors I need to fix in the Cradle’s manuscript (which will be applied to the ebook as well), but otherwise the paperback is formatted and ready to go. My cover designer is working on the cover as his schedule allows, so once that’s finish I can take get some proofs in before finalizing it for everyone. I’m still thinking mid-July at the latest, but no promises.

Aside from that, I’ve gone back to work and school, so my schedule will be a bit messier than usual. I’ve managed to finish the planning I wanted to do for Stormbringers, the second book in the Islandborn trilogy, so I’ll be hammering out word count starting today and will make a reasonable attempt to stay on schedule for my hopeful November release target.

Still nothing on the audiobook front, but I’m working on it! And that’s pretty much all I have going for me in July. Will be a pretty relaxed summer, hopefully.


I’m still trying to catch up on some of my June reads, but I’ll be finishing them and then moving into these two books from fellow indie authors sometime in July:


Again, nothing too crazy going on in the gaming world, as July is the quiet before the storm. Things considerably ramp up in August, then we get into the usually crowded and intense Fall season. It’s even worse this year, as a ton of games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, were pushed back into this window because of the pandemic.

What I AM interested in playing this month, though:

Paper Mario – The Origami King was announced and I’m super excited about it. I was a huge fan of the original Paper Mario, though it still always felt like a cheap ripoff of Super Mario RPG to me. My love for the series has waxed and waned over the years and I lump the other, non-paper, RPG games in the mix there, though there have been some truly amazing ones.

Origami King is supposedly open world and seems to have an interesting combat system though, so we’ll see; if nothing else, the usual wonky Paper Mario charm is still all there. Man do I miss Super Mario RPG.


And those are my highlights for July. Honest, it’s overall going to be a breather month; catchup on games and books and starting my next book. Nothing wrong with that, though.

Stay safe, everyone.

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