Islandborn Book 2 – Stormbringers

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Okay, sorry for the lack of updates. Been a busy month on all fronts. Work, personal ventures, keeping pace with my writing schedule, and squeezing in time for myself has been kind of a juggling act, but I’m managing. World’s also slowly growing crazier, but I’ve mostly stayed sane and safe, so I’m grateful for that too. Anyway, the paperback … Read More

Onward to July 2020

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Hello, everyone! Another month, another peek at the days ahead. So, without further ado, let’s hit this July’s Onward: Phew, what a month June was! I’m incredibly pleased with how the release of Cradle of Sea and Soil went down. Reviews are trickling in and I have at least one from a blogger in the works; hopefully others will pick … Read More