Sitting out of SPFBO 2020, best of luck to the brave

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Okay, so f me I guess. This year’s contest was announced and is taking place earlier than last year (May 23rd for submissions, June 1st for the start). Too early for me to get my novel properly edited and then sent out. I considered (and even briefly decided to try) rushing things to make the cut because I felt my novel had a good chance of surviving the first massive culling if nothing else (doesn’t everyone?)… but if I really believe that then it’s probably better I just wait, get it properly finished, and then submit it next year.

So no SPFBO for me this year. A bit saddening since I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but that’s okay. I have a cover reveal coming very soon, however, which is awesome.

Pre-orders will go live then. My current release target is aimed at June 23rd, 2020. Hopefully, everything goes according to plan this time, but we’ll see. It should also be more than enough time to receive the last bits of edits back from my editor and then give everything a look over one last time.

Everything else is pretty much done. I know some people hate formatting ebooks, but experimenting with my unedited draft has been pretty easy (I know HTML and CSS, though). Paperbacks are something else, I hear, but one step at a time. I’ll probably look at releasing my paperback sometime in July. We’ll see about an audiobook.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw up a quick update. I’ll be pretty happy when everything’s finally edited and launched and I can move on to writing the next book, haha.

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