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Well, it’s been a while since I last posted. There’s somewhat of a good reason for that; the world seems to be burning. Okay, maybe not literally, but it sure feels like it.

COVID-19 is affecting the world in many, many ways, and here in the United States, it’s no different. Oregon has invoked shutdown policies all across the state, resulting in many people losing their jobs or getting laid off. I’m one of them; supposedly it’s a temporary layoff lasting a month, but who knows if that will end up being the case. I already miss the doggies.

Thankfully my college remains open, though Spring term has shifted to remote learning even for in-person courses, so that will be fun. And my last term, too. Ugh. However, I currently earn half my income through VA education benefits, so I’m still grateful. I passed a hair’s width away from being in a very, very bad position. One I’ve already seen others fall in. That’s something to be thankful for.

Things aren’t much better on the personal front. Simple activities like grocery shopping have become a nightmare. I can’t buy the things I normally do, forcing me to change my diet or purchase more expensive alternatives when money is already tight. Don’t even get me started on this ridiculous toilet paper craze.

My apartment complex’s gym and all local gyms have also shut down, which sucks. Okay, yeah, I know that’s a bit whiny because I don’t have to run, but my daily jog was how I shut off from the world and sweated away the day’s stress. It was a zen ritual for me more than it was for fitness. I ran outside yesterday (arrrrgh the outside!) and, well, the sun sure is bright. Huh, who would have thought?

Thankfully, this has all given me more time to write. I was falling a little behind on my internal schedule for Cradle of Sea and Soil, but I’m not sure it’ll matter too much either way. Amazon has already begun restricting the delivery of nonessential items, which has forced paperback versions of even bestseller titles to have a 2-3 week delivery delay. Even digital sales seem to be taking a hit as people spend their money panic buying essentials or saving up, though Reddit suggests a few people have soon boosts.

Bit scary of a time to come out with a debut novel, though realistically I know it wouldn’t make any real difference. Having a full book series matters the most in the indie world, so I’ll probably just release as planned and move on to the next book.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw out an update. I’m still alive for the moment and doing well, which is better than a lot of people are doing. I’m also still writing and working on Cradle of Seal and Soil, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track before long. My goal is to be able to enter the 6th SPFBO which should be around June 15th going by last year, but I’m not even sure if there’s going to be a 6th SPFBO now or if it’ll be delayed. Guess we’ll see!

You all stay safe.

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