Dog of the Day: Tilda, Lover of Love

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This week’s dog is Tilda! Look at that adorable face. And yes, she’s really that sweet. Let me tell you right now that this isn’t the case for every dog. Yes, I firmly believe there aren’t any truly bad dogs, just dogs with at worst dangerous behavioral issues. Most of them stem from biological problems or trauma/bad training.

Then you have your annoying and exhausting dogs. I.e. some will race you to gobble down poop before you can pick it up only to projectile vomit it later… and then whine when you try to keep them from trying to eat it back up. Yup. That’s them dogs.

Ironically, it’s the ones that give you the most trouble that you get to “know” the best, and those are also the names you never forget (ha, guess why). All the well-mannered, calmer dogs tend to go under the radar because of this. Tilda is one of those, but don’t worry, I go out of my way to give her the petting she deserves.

You can’t see it here (because I didn’t want an unflattering photo for the gal, you know?), but Tilda also has really funny dimensions; her middle is super square and everything else is super small. So she looks like a thin, smaller dog ate a pillow and it’s hilarious. It’s just how she is though; it’s not fat or anything.

Anyway, Tilda really loves it when you love on her. Of course, I didn’t have to tell you that. Look at that face. She enjoys it very politely too, and if she wants more she will gently pat you on the leg with a paw and wait patiently. Overall, easily one of my favorite dogs. When I’m feeling a little low I can depend on Tilda to cheer me up.

The ability for dogs to unconditionally accept us as we are and to also love something so simple as talking to them or petting them really is a kind of mental spa in itself. Nothing complex or hard, like with human relationships. Just a dog who thinks a few caresses and pats are the meaning of life and loves you for it. Ah, if it were only so simple…

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