Dog of the Day: Odie the Judgmental

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So, I work with dogs. Very good for writing since I just sort of watch them sleep. But they also provide me with a much needed “mental recharge” when things get kind of rough in either my normal or writing life.

Actually, studies have proven that people with pets generally live longer and have less stress levels. Even though these buggers sometimes drives me crazy, I still love ’em all, and I can totally agree with that.

So, while not technically related to writing or fantasy, I decided to offer you the same powerful soul-boosting power of doggies. Thus, I present the first-ever Dog of the Week: Odie.

Who is Odie, you might ask, and why is he judgmental? Good questions… questions I don’t have the answer to. He’s actually kind of new around here (to me, the graveyard shift, at least) and I’m not sure why he loves judging me so much. He won’t let me pet him (WHY WON’T YOU LET ME PET YOU ODIE) and prefers running off and then staring at me from the other side of the room.

Honestly, he’s kind of a weirdo. Some dogs just have stranger-danger, but he takes it a new level. Anyway, he’s the first dalmatian I’ve actually ever seen in person and has a striking pattern, so I thought it would please the dog-lovers out there.


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