The problem with Pyre

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Video games are a fantastic source of inspiration despite what some might think. In fact, they are probably more so than other mediums besides maybe narrative-heavy comics, which are similar. The reason why is that games allow a kind of breadth in design that you don’t see in film. RPGs of all kinds and Visual Novels are good examples of … Read More

The feud between traditional and indie publishing

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading and engaging in a lot of discussions around this subject lately and oh boy is it a spicy one. It doesn’t help that most of the subreddits I’m a member of are divided neatly down the line here, either (though don’t dare ever point it out). Mostly, this has resulted in some crazy … Read More


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Alright, so I remember Vivziepop from a long, long time ago when she made what was decidedly a furry music video of Kesha’s “Die Young” song for what I believe was a school project. She garnered some attention for her wonderful animation skills, and, apparently, went on to have a fairly successful art-based Youtube channel and also a comic series. … Read More

Ringing in the New Year

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I want to take a moment here at the turn of the decade and look out over the horizon. 2020 means different things for many of us; for some, it’s just another year but for others, it’s a fresh chance for dreams and opportunities. I have personally decided that 2020 was going to “be my year,” and I have several … Read More